About CAV Systems

CAV Systems develops enterprise resource management systems for marketing & distribution companies.

Who We Are

CAV systems is a leading software company with over three decades of experience in the wholesale & logistics sectors. 

Our mission

We provide leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions for marketing & distribution companies.

What we do

CAV Systems provides flexible, adaptable and affordable software solutions to help clients manage & grow their business.

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CAV Systems History

In 1979, Nahum Shafir and Eli Schor, two college friends from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, developed a bookkeeping and customs agency software program and decided to start their own business. Their company, CAV Systems, began small and at first it was run out of a room in Shafir’s home.

In 1980, the company added two employees and moved to more expansive offices. Over the next two years CAV established itself as a leading customs agency software firm and signed up new customers, including several of the biggest companies in the business. At the same time, CAV developed software for the inventory and production fields. In 1982 CAV introduced Israel’s first modem to test proper systems functioning, as well as protocol converters, which provided an infrastructure for real-time communication between computers.

The mid-1980s was a period of expansion for CAV and the company entered new areas of operation (particularly banking and tourism). A relationship was established with US-based Intersystems Corporation, leading in 1990 to a joint customer project that was one of the first for a Unix system in Israel.

During the 1990s, CAV branched out to additional spheres and established itself as a leading software house in the distribution and marketing field. The company opened new offices and added staff, bringing the number of employees up to the current count of over 60.

Amongst CAV’s latest developments are SmartSale – a smartphone-based mobile solution for distributors and Evolve – a comprehensive framework for automated migration from MUMPS/Caché® to relational databases such as Oracle®, DB2, SQL Server and more.