CAV Credit

A comprehensive software solution for managing loans, mortgages, vehicle leasing & other credit products.

The CAV Credit system handles all the administrative and transactional operations related to the providing of lending services in financial institutions. The solution is a professional, sophisticated and fully-featured system for managing loans, mortgages, vehicle leasing and other credit products. The system is flexible, simple to understand and easy to use. Its design emphasizes user-friendliness and automation, and includes many tools that enable system-wide updates with minimal user intervention.

CAV Credit supports the full loan lifecycle – from the information-gathering and pre-loan stage, through application, execution, payment management, arrears tracking, payment arrangement and early repayment. The system includes administrative tools, research and simulation tools, tracking of collateral assets and further capabilities which assist the organization’s executives in on-line decision making, and in offering advanced, highly competitive lending products.

General Features

Available anytime, anywhere, according to permissions.

  • User management module, including groups and role definitions.
  • Flexible permission module using actions (create, view, update) at various levels: module, menu, process and field.
  • Full system log.

For experimental, retroactive and predictive calculations and simulations, while leaving the original data intact. PRE-LOAN.

Pre Loan Management

• Assessment and approval of loan by defined parameters, permissions according to need.
• Borrower identity and asset database, allowing quick indication of existing borrowers and collateral
(mortgaged) assets.
• Various amortization schedules:
– Spitzer (fixed payment)
– Equal capital
– Grace (interest only payments, capital repayment at the end)
– Bullet (all-at-once)
– Arbitrary fixed payment
– Dictated table
– Compound table, combining two or more of the above in one table, with different payment
frequencies and interest rates.

Loan Management

Management of client portfolio with several different credit products.
• Portfolio Dashboard showing a full portrait of client’s balance, credit history, collateral and securities.
• Variable (adjustable) interest rate with automatic recalculation of payment schedules after every change.
• Initiated change of loan parameters during life of loan.
• Online reporting on loan balances including arrears balance.
• Various queries on bank- , branch-, client-level, and additional selections.
• Tracking collateral assets.
• Online log-file management.

Payments and Collection

• Advanced tools for collection management, including managing early repayment (prepayment) of loan – partial or full, payment arrangements and tracking of client debt.
• Several direct debits per client.
• Payment through checks, credit cards and direct debit via external systems.
• Payments on different days of the month for different loans in portfolio.
• Handling overdue payments, and management of arrears.
• Tracking of arrears including correspondence.


• Web architecture, enabling use of thin workstations to reduce costs.
• Runs on leading operating systems: Unix, Linux, Windows Server™.
• Supports major Database Systems including Oracle™.
• Integration with Microsoft Office™ tools.
• Dynamic report generator.
• Generation of designed forms and documents via XML.
• Connectivity to external systems and devices through standard interfaces.
• Quick response to client needs. Rapid development.

CAV Credit Customers

Including several of the leading financial institutions in Israel