CAV Distribution

The leading software package in Israel for marketing and distribution organizations

Uniquely developed by CAV Systems with a comprehensive vision of the needs of organizations that manage both pre-sale and van-sale operations.

CAV Distribution supplies your organization with unique capabilities:

  • Managing complex trade conditions: managing a large number of price lists, tiered discounts, special offers (buy-get, bonuses), a number of discount levels, commissions and more.
  • Handling chain stores: purchase lists, centralized invoices, Invocing on electronic media.
  • A unique shipment preparation system that includes detailed directives for collecting items by customer order or location, item characteristics or storage location, or a combination of parameters.
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  • Optimal planning of distribution lines and travel routes.
  • Planning and control tools for all those involved in marketing: agents, sales representatives, distributors.
  • Sales goals management system.
  • Advanced information and query analysis tools.
  • Closing carrier day, quantitative control and invoices on carriers and distributors.

General Features

CAV Distribution integrates multiple modules into a robust ERP system for your organization. The system handles all phases of an organization’s activity: domestic procurement and import; inventory and warehouse management, production, marketing, distribution and export. All monetary and financial transactions are seamlessly recorded in CAV’s financial system. The system is multi-year and multi-warehouse and supports unlimited companies and currencies.

CAV Distribution contains a tremendous range of queries and reports designed to provide both operational and managerial information in extremely short response times. 

The system includes a form generator that allows for the design of forms and documents according to the organization’s needs. Report generators allow customized report production. These sophisticated tools enable fast and efficient implementations in a dynamic work environment. 

CAV Distribution will enable your organization’s management and operations personnel to receive up-to-date and easily accessible information; providing the information necessary to direct and control marketing operations, as well as marketing and distribution personnel. 

Dozens of the leading marketing and distribution organizations in Israel already work with CAV Distribution, including: