Cav’s enterprise resource planning software combines financial and operational solutions in one seamless system for better business performance.

CAV ERP has accumulated vast experience during the 20 years it has been installed in various branches of the Israeli economy, including in industry, commerce, with importers, exporters, and in national chain stores.

The CAV ERP system handles all phases of an organization’s activity: acquisitions and import; inventory and warehouse management, production, marketing, distribution and export. All monetary and financial transactions are seamlessly recorded in CAV’s financial system.

CAV ERP is multi-year and supports unlimited companies and currencies. CAV ERP contains a tremendous range of queries and reports designed to provide both operational and managerial information in extremely short response times.

The system has a sophisticated authorization mechanism, defining access to each program at the level of the individual user or group of users. The user menu is customized, presenting only those elements for which the current user is authorized.

The system is linked to MS-Excel, enabling the quick and easy transfer of data from any query in the system.

CAV ERP System Modules

Complex commercial conditions
Private customers and chain stores
Managing a limitless number of price lists, discounts, special offers, commissions and credit
Deals and framework agreements
Complete handling of bi-directional consignation
Managing complex distribution
Planning optimal distribution
Integrated compiling
Automatic collation to CAV
Carrier day closing system
Analysis of current business information
Advanced tools for analyzing information and queries
Target vs. Performance
Marketing report generator
Planning and control tools
Visits to sales personnel.

Multiple warehouses
Handling traveling warehouse
Handling inventory by site
Online updating of inventory
Customized inventory documents
Transactions recorded using different units of measurement
Formulas for inventory documentation
Tracking inventory balances and transactions
Handling unusual occurrences 
Handling product trees
Handling tree, item exchange, tree breakdown.

Production Planning
Inventory preparation
Managing depreciation
Production control
Strain on resources
Standards pricing
Processes pricing

General Ledger
Accounts Receivable and collection follow-up
Report generator
Accounts Payable
Loans and deposits

CAV Marketing

CAV Marketing is the leading software package in Israel for marketing and distribution organizations. 

Developed by CAV Systems with a comprehensive vision of the needs of organizations that operate by pre-sale and van-sale.

CAV Marketing supplies your organization with unique capabilities, such as: 

  • Managing complex trade conditions: managing a large number of price lists, tiered discounts, special offers (buy-get, bonuses), a number of discount levels, commissions and more.
  • Handling chain stores, centralized invoices, producing diskettes.
  •  A unique collection system that includes collecting by various compilation groups and by utilizing a range of controls in the collection phase.
  • Optimal planning of distribution lines and travel routes.
  • Planning and control tools for all those involved in marketing: agents, representatives, distributors and more.
  • Target management system.
  • Advanced information and query analysis tools.
  • Closing carrier day, quantitative control and invoices on carriers and distributors.

CAV Marketing integrates additional modules that, taken together, constitute a fully integrative ERP system for your organization.  These integrated modules are: inventory management, local purchasing, import, export, production and a comprehensive financial system.

The system is multicompany, multiyear, multicurrency and multiwarehouse.

CAV Marketing includes a tremendous variety of queries and reports that enable the production of operational and managerial information in short response times.  

The system is equipped with a range of tools and generators that enable design of screens, certificates, forms and reports, according to the your organization’s needs.

These sophisticated tools enable fast and efficient implementation in the dynamic work environment.  Dozens of the leading marketing and distribution organizations in Israel already work with CAV Marketing, including: Shastovich, Diplomat, Mei Eden, Frostiv, Densher, Lever Israel, Food Club, Wisstotzky Tea, Carmit, Shemen Oil, Pri Hagalil, Alpha Cosmetics, Randy, Willifood, Zenelcol, Pidan Trading, Ron Food, Miki Delicatessen Products, Prigat Danon, and more.

CAV Marketing will enable your organization’s management and operations personnel to receive current and timely information, providing a picture of the situation, the ability to control and track what’s happening in the market and with your marketing and distribution people. 

CAV Financial

CAV Financial is an advanced bookkeeping and financial management system that handles a range of financial activities at a company, while providing information to the firm’s operative management levels.  CAV Financial is multicompany, multicurrency and multiyear, enabling simultaneous work at a number of branches.

CAV Financial is a professional, sophisticated and multipurpose software package. The system is flexible, simple to understand and easy to use.

Special emphasis has been placed on user comfort.  Many processes in the system run automatically, with minimal user intervention required.

Central modules in the system include: the bookkeeping system, budget, customer management, supplier management, register and deposits management, pricing, fixed-managerial assets, financial statement generators, interface generator, cash flow, securities, loans, deposits and more. 

CAV Financial contains a sophisticated interface generator that enables importing and exporting files to/from the system.

Queries, tables and reports from the report generator can be sent to an MS-Excel spreadsheet at the press of a button.

CAV Financial can be integrated as an independent financial management system for the organization, or it can become part of a complete, strategic solution alongside operative operation systems.

CAV Financial is equipped with a range of tools and generators that make it possible to design certificates, reports, letters, forms and more according to the organization’s needs.  These sophisticated tools enable fast, efficient application of the system.  The software contains a tremendous range of queries and reports that are produced in extremely short response times, and that present financial management information about the company.

CAV Financial is used in a wide range of fields within the Israeli economy: industry, trade, banking, tourism, agency and forwarding, marketing and distribution, and high-tech.

CAV ERP Clients: