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A mobile based app to boost sales and manage sales activity.

Simple To Use App

Immediate on-the-go order taking

Monthly Subscription

Seamless integrations to your ERP system

Smartsale is a smartphone based mobile solution for salespeople. The SmartSale system displays to the field salesperson their daily route of visits to clients, and allows the salesperson to create a full order process while at the client’s. In addition, SmartSale enables payment collection and merchandise returns.

During the order creation, the system displays the stock, prices, recent sales, promotions and more, enhancing the efficiency of the order process. The order is transferred online to the organization’s central system.

The system allows for management of payment collection, by transferring via mail or fax of the client’s open unpaid invoices. In addition, the system supports the process of merchandise returns by the client. In this process, the salesperson approves the items requested for return, and transfers to the central system an open return document.

SmartSale provides to the salespersons and their executives up-to-date information about the clients in the work-plan, and enables tracking performance including missing visits and missing orders. The SmartPhones features enable sending and receiving e-mail, sending copies by fax, creating visual accessories and using GPS to track the salesperson location and navigate to clients.

During a workday the system displays a real-time picture of performance to the salesperson, including orders, collection and returns.

Real time, accurate information

Within days of signing up, your field personnel can be up and running with Smartsale, using their current mobile devices (BYOD). No need for server installation – Smartsale Cloud Server handles everything you need. Need some special feature or change in the logic? No problem. Smartsale’s unmatched flexibility flows from its smart design and 2014 technologies. This translates into saving money, time and a lot of headaches.


Before convergence of the internet and mobile devices, the life of the field sales rep was a constantly changing mix of online and offline computer activity supplemented by phone activity – on the one hand between sales rep and customer, on the other between sales rep and corporate management. While the days have long since passed when sales reps arrived at customer sites carrying thick catalogs, lengthy computer-generated price lists with current inventory levels and preprinted order forms, the same information and the same functional capabilities are still needed by the sales rep to perform his/her job.

Not all mobile sales force automation solutions are created equal

On the surface they may have similar functionality and similar look-touch-feel. However, on digging deeper into the suitability of an off-the-shelf solution for an individual company and its specific field sales operations, constraints often appear that  result in resistance to adoption of the solution by the field sales team or by the corporate IT team.

With the SmartSale approach, there are few constraints. The choice of mobile device is in the hands of the user. Corporate IT is not burdened with additional platforms to administer. Integration with existing ERP/CRM systems is straightforward – and last, but by no means least, adapting the app to fit individual business needs can be achieved with readily available IT skills.

For software solution resellers seeking to enter the rapidly growing market for mobile solutions or to expand their portfolio of current offerings, SmartSale offers the perfect combination of quick market entry today and adaptability tomorrow.

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