Tour Operators System

A fully integrated travel reservations system with  advanced accounting and management features – especially developed for tour operators and travel wholesalers.

User Friendly

With our intuitive user interface, there is no need for extensive training your employees or customers.

Cloud Based

With our cloud-based system you don't need infrastructure or IT professionals. Our system grows as your business grows. You can start small and grow. You can start big....

Ready Database

We take care of maintaining and updating a hotel database of +80,000 properties for you on an ongoing basis
TOPS provides a professional and all-encompassing solution for both incoming and outgoing tourism including F.I.T., organized tours, Dynamic packages, other land arrangements and flights.
The system integrates fully with CAV Systems' Bookkeeping and Financial Management System, on-line and without interfaces. The system provides user-friendly tools for building “products”, packages and deals; costing tools and profit analysis. TOPS is implemented using web-based technology and a JAVA based user interface, which is both simple to use and flexible. Customizable parameters allow for maximum adaptation of the system to the specific processes and needs of the company.

The system includes a support for a variety of web sites:

  • Agencies – Reservations module, including on-line hotel search, additional services, pictures and maps.
  • Retail – Web site for the general public
  • Suppliers – Allows suppliers and hotels direct access to update room inventory. Includes automatic communications between the company, customers and suppliers.


  • Booking agents are more engaged with your reservations site because the user interface makes their life easy
  • Intuitive back-office and online reservations systems simplify initial start-up and training. Get started quickly.

No need for server installation. Work from any location.

As a cloud-based system, getting started with TOPS is simple and straightforward since it does not entail installing any software at the user station. A standard browser is all that is needed – and the same is true for ongoing maintenance. We take care of everything behind the scenes.

TOPS is deployed over Amazon Web Services (AWS) taking full advantage of its globally-recognized reputation for security, reliability and scalability. As your needs grow, AWS delivers additional resources transparently.



  • Flexible agent markup management system.
  • Integration with other products: airlines, car rentals, packages and more.
  • Credit cards, PayPal and eNet support.
  • Supports multiple xml interfaces with suppliers, hotels, attractions and flights.
  • Easily define and give white label sites to your clients.
  • Powerful BI dashboard empowers executives with views for data-driven decision-making and monitoring results.
  • Detailed views of agent performance and profit comparisons.
  • Convenient drill-down tools enable in-depth analysis of data from “the big picture” down to the individual reservation level.
  • View and analyze data – anywhere, anytime, any device.
  • Manage credit card transactions – payments, refunds.
  • Track agent cancellations, buy-to-search ratio, and other metrics.


TOPS System Modules


The F.I.T. module manages reservations for a range of services for outgoing, incoming, and internal tourism.  Dynamic packages are user-defined.  Included in the module are all back-office operations.

The system also includes functions for managing Internet sites:

  • B2B for Agencies
  • B2C for Retail Customers
  • White Label Sites

The F.I.T module includes support for automatic communications between suppliers, agencies and the back-office system.  All stages of the sales process are supported, from the initial reservation through the accounting process and the profit/loss analysis.


The database includes multiple user-defined tables for managing all aspects of the reservation process.
Selected tables can be updated via xml interfaces with suppliers.

XML Suppliers:

Database includes supplier definitions as well as cross-tables (translating between supplier and internal codes).
Dynamic update of database via background communications between database and supplier.

Local Suppliers:

Database includes supplier data as well as prices and policies (cancellations, etc.)

Special customization of website tables include: preferred products, preferred hotels, room arrangements, special remarks, search management and priorities, price ranges, locations and proximate locations.

  • Agency Information
  • Commissions
  • Multiple price-lists allowing for specialized mark-ups for specific agencies or chains as well as time-periods
  • Definitions for bookkeeping/financial management system
  • Permissions and security for website
  • Supplier information and policies
  • Multiple price-lists allowing for specialized mark-ups for specific agencies or chains as well as time-periods
  • Internal codes for supplier as used in suppliers website
  • User-defined file input utility for input/update of supplier price lists
  • Module for input and checking of supplier invoices against dockets
  • Payment orders to suppliers including update of bookkeeping system

XML Suppliers workflow:

XML communications from suppliers collect data in real-time (prices, availability, remarks). Cross tables allow for translation from supplier codes to e-TOPS system codes.

  • Reservation sent to supplier as xml request
  • Supplier sends real-time response xml response
  • If reservation status is OK, notification is automatically sent to the customer

If reservation status returns as “request”, an automatic scheduler continues to check with the supplier for a change of status. If the reservation status does change, the system automatically updates the new status. If the status is now OK, notification is automatically sent to the customer. If the status returned is SO (sold out), notification is not sent automatically, allowing the back office to handle the reservation.

Local Suppliers workflow:

  • Suppliers price list input to system
  • Reservations sent to supplier in accordance with supplier definitions: email, html, URL or fax. (html & URL options include automatic update of status upon receipt of OK from supplier)
  • On change of reservation status to OK notification is sent automatically to the customer
  • On change of status to SO (sold out), notification is not sent automatically, allowing the back office to handle the reservation.
  • Hotel Information including: Name, address, rooms, facilities, contact, description, location
  • Automatic input of hotel from supplier xml – with final approval and internal hotel code given by e-TOPS user
  • Hotel pictures
  • Link to google map (based on coordinates stored in database)
  • Data can be updated through supplier xml and displayed in different languages, as provided by supplier
  • Room arrangements available in hotel
  • Price lists (local suppliers only) – managed per hotel/supplier and time period. Includes types of customers,  currency, room type, board arrangement, weekend days, cancellation policy, special conditions, valid dates, gross and net prices for weekdays and weekends, additional meals, additional services.
  • Validity conditions for price list: includes minimum and maximum nights, bonus (free) nights, permitted check-in days
  • Automatic price changes for range of hotels/suppliers/dates
  • Date ranges of “closed-out” days for hotel
  • Quick update of hotel data – for multiple price lists

Room Allocations

The system supports three types of allocations: allotment, free sale and commitment.

Free sale: requires immediate transmission of reservation to supplier

Allotment: bank of rooms allocated.  Report to supplier per reservation not required.  Reservations transmitted in bulk on release date.

Commitment: Commitment to purchase rooms, regardless of reservations.

Allotment definitions include release conditions.

Module includes Allotment Query displaying rooms allotted per hotel/supplier and range of dates.

Function for room release for range of hotels/suppliers and dates

Occupancy report for supplier

Occupancy report for back office (itemized or totals) per hotel/supplier/date range.

Flight Information: input and update of single flights or a series of flights including dates, weekdays available, flight number, route, airline, departure and arrival times.

Seat Control:

  • Input, control and management of seats on flights
  • Define quantities of seats per flight, cabin and class of service
  • Supports nested classes
  • Purchase seats from different suppliers per flight or group of flights
  • Sell seats to different customers per flight or group of flights
  • Overbooking definitions – per cabin
  • Waiting list definitions – per class
  • Transfer passengers between flights
  • Passenger Lists

Flight Price Lists:

  • Price Lists per supplier, flight and date range
  • One way and round trip prices per passenger type
  • Taxes per passenger type
  • Fare Bases
  • Validity per point of sale

Define additional services including: excursions, attractions, sight seeing, villas, transfers, car rentals and special services.

Price Lists for Other Services:

  • Price lists per service and supplier
  • General data including currency, type of item, date range, gross and net prices
  • Car Rentals – supports upgrades and additions

Allocations for Other Services:

Optional definition of allocations for selected services per supplier, item type, item and date range.

Module supports multiple package types such as: Fly & Drive; Flight & Hotel; Fly, Drive and Sleep; Spa; Ski; Package Tour.

Package definitions include description, currency, status, type, currency exchange rates, destinations and remarks.

Modular definition utility allows unlimited combinations of flights, hotels and other services.  Supports functions for automatic calculation of gross price per service, based on algorithm from net price.

Flexible packages allow customer selection of hotel and or car rental from a pre-defined list.

Package Reservation

User-friendly query allows simple selection of package from range of packages available for selected dates and destinations.

Package reservation includes automatic notification to both suppliers and customers, documentation, billing and account tracking with supplier and customer.

Reservation Utilities:

Search for reservation by customer, status, destination, dates with entry to individual docket for update.

Manage reservations queues by status – for example, all dockets with status “sold out” or “request”.

Notification utility for sending messages to suppliers or customers for a selected group of reservations.

Invoice Builder

Builds invoices and automatically updates the bookkeeping system.

  • Locate products by location
  • Locate dockets: by dates, name, agency, type of service, service
  • Price List Query
  • Hotel allocations and reservations by date
  • Agency Query
  • Suppliers Query
  • Incomplete Reservations (warning report)
  • Sales reports with multiple sort, filter and aggregate functions
  • Hotel Query by city or country
  • Hotel Allocations by hotel or supplier for range of dates
  • Passenger Lists
  • Accounting reports for agencies
  • Reservations per supplier
  • Prices per hotel and supplier
  • Reservations per agent

In addition to pre-structured reports, the system includes a built-in report generator, allowing myriad cut and sort features per docket, supplier, customer, product, etc.  Seamless transfer to excel, PDF file or email.  Create sales reports by agency, agent, chain, reservation clerk, source of reservation (Internet, xml, agency).  Purchase reports by supplier, product, destination.  Profitability reports per agency, supplier, service, product, etc.

B2B Website for Agencies

  • Website for agencies for opening and updating reservations.
  • Locate service: dynamic packages, car rentals, hotels including full information, pictures and maps
  • Advanced search utility consolidating and normalizing data from multiple suppliers to single customer presentation, filtered through system defined business logic. (For example, hotel reservation utility will display single price list and availability culled from duplicate results as received from on-line search to multiple suppliers.)
  • Hotel data: description, facilities, room arrangements, location, pictures and maps all displayed from local database.
  • Locate existing reservations: update, cancel, print vouchers (in accordance with user permissions)
  • “Daily News” function – user defined, dynamic display of specials, items of interest; including definition of permission to view each item.
  • Built-in email function from website
  • Foundation for B2C website.

B2C Website for General Public

  • Site for general public allows opening reservations.
  • Locate service: dynamic packages, car rentals, hotels including full information, pictures and maps
  • “Daily News” function – user defined, dynamic display of specials, items of interest.
  • Built-in email function from website.

Website Deals and Specials

Create deals and specials.  Define which users will have deals presented on site (per agency, chain, agent, etc.) Create and control “Daily News” feature on site. Control display of specials per location or dates and include external files to be displayed on website.

Additional Modules

TOPS includes additional optional modules such as Organized Tour Groups. 
Contact us for more information.


Advantages of TOPS

  • Gulliver
  • Hotelbeds
  • Miki
  • Jac Travel
  • Travco
  • Tourico
  • Expedia
  • Total Stay
  • Restel
  • Bonotel
  • Team America
  • Mark Travel
  • Special Tours
  • Sunhotel
  • ASA
  • AC Tours
  • Academservice
  • Flying Europe
  • Amadeus Content Inn
  • Isrotel
  • Dan Hotels
  • Silverbyte
  • HotelsPro
  • Dhisco
  • Sunny Sunflowers
  • Go Global
  • Broadway Inbound
  • Gulliver attractions
  • RentalCars
  • Coral Hotelspro
  • Travelgate
  • TOPS has robust functionality and provides a professional and all-encompassing solution for both in-coming and out-going tourism including F.I.T., organized tours, packages and flights.
  • TOPS allows for scaled implementation, beginning from critical processes and expanding with customer needs while minimizing risk.
  • CAV’s tourism division; responsible for development, support and implementation of TOPS, has years of experience in all aspects of tourism and includes accountants, software engineers, technology experts and project managers.
  • TOPS offers maximum flexibility and built-in customization features.
  • Supports multiple xml interfaces with suppliers, hotels, attractions and flights (GDS-Amadeus)
  • Single-vendor, integrated solution including: software, technological infrastructure, methodology, service and support. Significant savings in integration between systems.   Significant savings in time required for implementation.  Greater convenience in system support and maintenance.
  • Full integration with CAV Systems’ bookkeeping and financial management software guarantees integrity and controls between operations and financial management.
  • Optional integration with external financial management software through interfaces.
  • TOPS includes a complete retail module including on-line reservations, docket and voucher management.
  • “Specials” and  “Deals” can be promoted on web site, tailored per agency, chain or agent.
  • On-the-fly integration of multiple supplier offerings into single customer presentation, filtered through customized, user defined business logic.
  • Multi-tiered, flexible, information retrieval with seamless export to Excel.
  • Web-based Technology in both front-end and back-end systems. Access system via  Internet browser.  No installation required.
  • User-friendly, intuitive and flexible, Java-based user interface.

TOPS is a well-established software package; designed, developed and maintained by CAV Systems. 
TOPS is the choice of software for Israel’s leading tourism companies.
CAV Systems has over ten years experience in Java technology and open-source infrastructure, including Linux, Apache Tomcat, J2EE Server and Java/J2EE interfaces.  e-TOPS is based on an embedded database, customized for large volume of transactions,  maximum performance and scalability.

The system architecture is three-tiered.  Tiers can be combined as required.  Each tier can run on distributed servers, for additional reliability as well as load balancing.  While the system can be run under numerous operating systems including Linux, Windows and Unix; we recommend Linux (Suse ES 10/11 or Red Hat EL 5 ) for its stability and built-in security features.  All elements can be run using virtual systems.  Many of our customers currently use VMWare, including cluster.

Back office users access the system via Java, hence, no desktop installation is required (can be Linux or Mac stations).  Software updates are deployed only to the server and loaded transparently to user stations.

Back office applications are developed using our in-house application generator, designed for speed and flexibility of development.  End user tools include our report generator and download to Excel as well as creation of user-customized PDF reports.

The application server can be merged with the database server, or maintained separately for survivability and load balancing. If the servers are separate, a caching utility is used for greater performance.

CAV Systems was the first Israeli software company to offer a fully web-based solution in the tourism industry.  Our applications utilize Java Server Pages (JSP) as well as open-source infrastructure and libraries.  Apache Tomcat is our J2EE Application Server, with all the advantages this entails: reliability, security, load balancing, failover, supplementary tools and interfaces and comfortable licensing.  Apache Tomcat can also interface with SSL Accelerators, has configurable load balancing features and connectivity with Apache HTTPD.  Load balancing can be implemented via session stickiness or session distribution for greater resilience.

TOPS uses an embedded database, which is object oriented and designed for a high volume of transactions.  At the same time, it is both flexible and scalable and has minimal hardware requirements.  No DBA is required.  The system supports advanced features required for critical applications such as high availability, clustering, online replication, hot backups, etc.  As a result of these features it is the database for many applications in medicine and finance such as the Veteran’s Administration in the United States and one of the largest Brokerage  houses in the world – Ameritrade.

The database supports:                                        

  • Active-passive clustering for High availability which is both simple and inexpensive. Uses shared storage for clustered servers.
  • Active-active clustering on Redhat Cluster: total hardware separation and complete High availability.
  • Online Replication for disaster recovery. Online copy of database on remote server, with minimal network requirements based on data compression

TOPS user interface is JAVA based and can be accessed via any web browser.  Multiple sessions can be opened.  The tree-structured menu can be customized for individual user “favorites” and includes a quick-search utility.