CAV Systems Ltd Rebrands and Expands Product Suite

Wider Range of Offerings for “Relational from MUMPS” Needs

CAV Systems Ltd, a leading Israeli software company,has announced the Evolve Suite of data-mapping and migration tools for MUMPS users seeking a convenient and effective way to work with their data in relational
environments while still retaining the many benefits of their production systems.

Originally developed to satisfy the growing number of requests from CAV Systems’ own
customers, the Evolve Suite is now available to address similar needs for the MUMPS
community at large. In particular, the two leading implementations of MUMPS in the market
today, Caché from InterSystems Corporation and GT.M from FIS, are fully supported.

The Suite comprises three programs – Evolve Data Migrator, Evolve Replicator, and Evolve
System Migrator – that address three different needs identified by CAV Systems from the
patterns of interest expressed by customers and prospects over an extended period of time.

Evolve Data Migrator addresses the needs of MUMPS users for a relational database
replica of their MUMPS data for use with Business Intelligence and other Analysis and
Reporting programs that are compatible with leading relational databases such as Oracle,
DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others. The power of this tool comes from its
ability to analyze the hierarchical data structures of MUMPS and generate the mapping
needed to create the corresponding data dictionary for the chosen relational database. The
tool then uses this mapping to create an exact replica of the MUMPS database.

Evolve Replicator goes one step further. In addition to the capabilities of the Data Migrator,
the Replicator continuously updates the relational database replica to reflect changes to the
MUMPS data as they occur or at intervals determined by the user. Evolve Replicator was
previously named M2R_Replicator.

Evolve System Migrator is intended for organizations seeking to redeploy their MUMPS
applications on other platforms – the programs and the data. Solution vendors of MUMPSbased
applications can thereby expand the potential market for their solutions. Evolve
System Migrator was previously named JUMPS.

Alex Hill
VP Corporate Development
CAV Systems Ltd
tel: +1-347-448-4755

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