MUMPS/Caché Programming and Consulting

CAV Systems Ltd has several hundreds of man-years of MUMPS/Caché® development in it’s resume. Beginning in 1979, CAV used MUMPS/Caché® to build complex systems such as CAV ERP, CAV Credit and TOPS. However, in the last 15 years we’ve also incorporated modern technologies such as Java™, RDBMS and RoR.

This fusion of legacy technologies and modern ones, by professionals who are experts in both, is the power behind the Evolve Suite. The suite is a comprehensive set of tools enabling replication and migration of data from MUMPS/Caché® to SQL databases. We support all major RDBMSs including Oracle®, SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL etc.

Evolve’s success is proven, both in-house and for our customers. It is exactly in the territories where Evolve lies, in the gap between MUMPS/Caché® and modern technologies which must be bridged, where CAV’s knowledge and expertise are unique. If your feel that our experience can help you in your challenges bringing MUMPS/Caché® to the 21st century, please contact us.

Among Our Evolve Clients: