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The Evolve Suite is a comprehensive set of software tools intended to help organizations using MUMPS/Caché® systems to access their data on SQL databases (Oracle®, SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL™, etc.) Evolve’s success is proven, both in-house and for our customers – amongst them leading US healthcare organizations such as the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare.

CAV Systems Ltd. has several hundreds of man-years of MUMPS/Caché® development in it’s resume, beginning in 1979. These were used to program complex systems such as CAV ERP, CAV Credit and TOPS. But in the last 15 years CAV has also incorporated modern technologies such as Java™, SQL and RoR. This fusion of legacy technologies and modern ones, by professionals who are experts in both, is the power behind the Evolve Suite.

The suite is a comprehensive set of tools enabling replication and migration of data and programs from MUMPS/Caché® environments to SQL databases such as Oracle®, SQL Server, DB2, etc. and to Java™.

The Evolve Suite White Paper

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The Three Evolve Products:

Mapping hierarchical data structures from MUMPS to relational data structures presents real challenges. Evolve Data Migrator not only addresses the complexities of data mapping but also migrates the entire MUMPS database to the relational database of your choice: Oracle®, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL™, PostgreSQL and others. This is a great solution when you need a relational database replica of your valuable MUMPS data for business intelligence, reporting and other analytics that are best run on a separate platform.

Evolve Data Migrator facilitates the mapping and migration of a MUMPS database to an equivalent relational database system. Migration of the MUMPS data is fully automated once the mapping of the MUMPS hierarchical database schema into a relational schema has been completed. A set of graphical tools and wizards aids the process of mapping MUMPS data structures to create the corresponding relational schema (tables) and maps MUMPS data elements to the corresponding relational fields (columns). Data Migrator identifies the appropriate data type for each MUMPS field through pattern-matching algorithms. The algorithms analyze not only the database, but also the source code.

The generated schema is a quality one: right structure and data types, documentation (table and column comments), constraints (primary keys and foreign keys) and performance (secondary indexes). Once the MUMPS-to-Relational map is deemed correct, Data Migrator’s database migration utilities are used to migrate either the entire MUMPS database or selected portions thereof.

In the specific case of systems whose data is managed by VA VistA FileMan, Data Migrator automates the mapping process entirely.

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There are times when a snapshot of the MUMPS/Caché database a week ago, yesterday or even this morning is not fresh enough for your needs. This is where Evolve Replicator enters the picture. In addition to all the capabilities of Evolve Data Migrator, the Replicator continuously tracks changes to the live MUMPS data through the MUMPS Journal and applies those changes to the target relational database (Oracle®, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL™, PostgreSQL and others) at regular intervals.

Evolve Replicator creates and continuously updates a relational database replica from a MUMPS database. Following initial database creation as described in Evolve Data Migrator, the replication process is fully automated and does not require human intervention. The Replicator daemon reads every database update (SET and KILL commands) from the MUMPS database journal, and translates them into SQL statements that are executed on the relational database using the mapping. The timing and frequency of updates to the relational replica are controlled by the user.

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For many organizations, the most appropriate way forward is to redeploy the entire MUMPS application – code and database – onto a Java™/relational database platform, retaining the exact same functionality and user experience. That is the power of Evolve System Migrator. To achieve this, System Migrator not only maps and migrates the MUMPS data to a relational database but also converts the MUMPS programs to functionally identical Java™ programs.
This powerful capability is not only relevant for MUMPS/Caché sites with in-house developed applications – it is equally relevant to vendors of MUMPS-based software solutions who see business benefits flowing from the ability to offer customers a choice of deployment platforms – all from a single source code base in MUMPS.


If you are reading this, chances are that your organization is dependent on a MUMPS-based system that has been delivering solid reliable service for years. For some, there may be pressures for change – and that is often accompanied by calls for a shift to solutions that are compatible with relational databases. Until recently, seeking a roadmap to the future for such organizations boiled down to two radically different approaches that could be summed up as – replace or reengineer.

The replace approach entails finding a solution from a commercial vendor that is close enough in its capabilities to meet both current and projected future requirements. The reengineer approach entails reprogramming the current system using a programming language other than MUMPS and a database system that is relational while still retaining the core design and functionality of the current system.

Now a third approach is available – redeploy.

Evolve System Migrator enables entire MUMPS-based systems – programs and data – to be redeployed as RDBMS (Relational DataBase Management System)/Java™ systems on leading platforms while still retaining the same functionality and user experience of the MUMPS-based system – and to do so within timeframes that heretofore were deemed impossible. In addition to all the capabilities of Evolve Data Migrator for mapping and migrating the MUMPS database, Evolve System Migrator includes a set of development tools that transforms MUMPS programs to functionally identical Java™ programs deployed with a unique runtime engine. The engine not only emulates the MUMPS environment but also, through its SmartSQL Connector technology, ensures optimized SQL access to the new relational database (Oracle®, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL™, PostgreSQL and others).

And the story gets even better when it comes to optimizing the use of your most precious resource – your IT manpower. With Evolve System Migrator, the migrated system can continue to be maintained by the same team using MUMPS as if they were still working with the MUMPS system – including debugging. Hard to believe? Astonishing? Yes – but true.

And the story gets even better again. With Evolve System Migrator, new programs can be designed and developed using any of the popular programming languages – C#, C++, Java™, Ruby – just as they would be working with any relational database. The choice is yours.

With Evolve System Migrator, it’s the best of both worlds:
• continue programming in MUMPS for as long as you wish
• shift to Java or other programming languages at a time of your choosing
You are in control.

The redeploy approach minimizes risk and is less disruptive to the day-to-day operations of your organization than replace or reengineer.

If your feel that our experience can help you in your challenges bringing MUMPS/Caché® to the 21st century, please contact us.

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