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MUMPS/Caché® and SQL/Relational


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The Evolve Replicator is a comprehensive solution intended to help organizations using MUMPS/Caché® systems to access their live data in the form of a replica on brand name SQL databases (Oracle®, SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL™).

The effectiveness of Evolve Replicator is proven, both in-house and for our customers – amongst them leading US healthcare organizations such as the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare.

As a solution provider spanning more than four decades, CAV Systems Ltd knows from experience the pros and cons of both MUMPS/Caché and SQL/Relational databases. We therefore developed a simple approach to integrating these two very different databases, an approach that enables us to offer solutions that enjoy “the best of both worlds” – the best of MUMPS/Caché and the best of SQL/Relational.

Evolve Replicator provides tools to facilitate the mapping of MUMPS/Caché hierarchical data structures to the table-based Data Dictionary structures of SQL/Relational databases. The resulting mapping enables the data export/data import processes needed to create the initial snapshot replica of the MUMPS/Caché database as a brand name SQL/Relational database. Following the creation of the initial snapshot, the replication process is fully automated and does not require human intervention. The Replicator daemon reads every database update (SET and KILL commands) from the MUMPS database Journal and translates them into SQL statements that are executed on the relational database using the mapping referred to above. A key differentiator from other solutions is that the design of Evolve Replicator makes possible the use of the replicated data for applications where “near real-time” refresh of the SQL/Relational data is needed.

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