“Fintech” – from CAV Systems

A comprehensive set of technological modules for addressing the needs of financial organizations. These modules are advanced, sophisticated and flexible, simple to understand and operate. The flexibility of the systems facilitates rapid development of new products and empowers users of the system to create a range of products for the benefit of their customers and adaptable to the needs of the Israeli market.

The financial products

Reverse Mortgage

A complete solution for managing loans secured by the customer’s assets as collateral.


A full solution for handling all aspects – administrative and financial – for the entire life of the mortgage, from pre-request stage, approval, loan implementation, ongoing loan management, payments, redemption, etc

Construction Project Tracking

System for managing and tracking construction projects. The system covers all stages of the project including investors’ funds and buyers’ loans, commissions, and credit allocation.


A product for managing loans and credit lines. It covers most sectors of the loan industry such as loan funds, consumer credit, brokers, etc

System Advantages

Rich Functionality

Offers flexibility in issuing loans, managing baskets, multiple tables and tracks 


System that is intuitive and user-friendly

Customer Engagement

Task Management, Team Execution, Prioritization of requests, progress status update of customer requests


Rules engine that enables adapting financial products to customer financial situation

Module Customization

Exceptional capabilities for rapidly  tailoring products to fit the demands of the organization

Automated Work Flow

A digital solution to generate requests that optimizes issuing the mortgage and shortens time-to-market

Our Customers Include

The Products and Reputation of CAV Systems in the Financial sector flow from the “subject matter expertise” of the software team in the delivery of Fintech services that are individually tailored with full integration for each client

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